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LeonceLena 03 LeonceLena 04
Barbara Wachendorff
Set and costume design:
Christoph Rasche
Georg Beyerlin
Pedagogical guidance:
Frank Merkel

Clemens Baron
Monika Baumkauf
Georg Beyerlin
Gabi Bleeker
Karin Bleeker
Torsten Helker
Wolfgang Korsmeier
Uta Siegert
Armin Nufer
Wolfgang Treusch
Willy Smith
Andreas Torke


Georg Büchner
Theater Thalhaus, Wiesbaden
Premiere: April 5th, 2003

Georg Büchner's ironic and buoyant play, realized here by a group of mentally disabled actors, tells the story of two young people who escape from their gilded cages. Their respective flights provide them with their first experience of elemental life: Thirst and hunger, the dictates of nature, physical exhaustion, pure fear for their lives – until they finally meet and share the experience of love.
For mentally handicapped people this is a story that relates to their lives. Well cared for in special kindergartens and schools, in living situations and workplaces tailored to their needs, they live in a kind of parallel world.